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Detective Erin Bond Book 1: Lights, Camera, GONE

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From million-bestselling author Bella Forrest comes a delicious new crime thriller.
"The best book since Silence Of The Lambs." - Barbara Johnsrud  
"A real nail biter." - Antoinette Bultman  
Superstar Isabel Morales has never been one to shy away from controversy, and after a particularly daring full-nude shoot in the middle of Wall Street, it's not only the media that has spiralled into a frenzy - fans, and heck, the entire world seem to be up in arms. 
But this is just business as usual for the star. Rants, insults, death threats - Isabel and her manager have experienced it all in their time.  
At least, that's what they think...
When Isabel suddenly vanishes from a building in broad daylight, Private Investigator Erin Bond receives a desperate call from Isabel's manager requesting her to join forces with the police in solving the mystery.

With such a high profile case on her hands, Erin naturally assumes that she's in for the ride of her career, but given Erin's own celebrity status as an abducted child, she never thought it could become the ride of her life...
What happened to Isabel Morales? Nothing is quite as it seems.

"Dark, delicious and suspenseful." - Kindle customer ★★★★★

"Twisted, creepy, and so, so good!" - Kindle customer ★★★★★
"Very well written book that kept me interested from front to back."  - Kindle customer ★★★★★
"Fast-paced, heart-stopping thriller"  - Kindle customer ★★★★★

"Bella's writing creates an amazing "movie" in my mind"  - Kindle customer ★★★★★
"Had me guessing until the very end." - Kindle customer ★★★★★
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